Friday, 26 November 2010

Going it alone, well nearly....

I have, until this time and since 2004, been employed by a local mechanical (plumbing) and electrical contractor. The company's turnover has increased from £3m to £10m per year. During this time I have gained lots of valuable experience, not least the basics in running, maintaining and succeeding with an SME in the construction industry. I have now taken the opportunity to join a smaller company, concentrating on electrical works and soon moving into the burgeoning renewables sector, the challenge is to build the business and the rewards will be linked diretly to my subsequent success (I hope!). I start on Monday 29th November.

So in this new career move I have finally stumbled upon something worth blogging about. I shall be actively marketing the company in the local area of Cardiff, South Wales, using free facilities such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and recording our progress a in this blog; all against the backdrop of the post credit crunch economy in the coalition government era.