Thursday, 4 September 2008

Hello world!

Right, where do I start.... Dear diary..... Is that what a blog is? Adrian Mole's 21st century chronological record of thoughts and events.... No it isn't that, is it? Is it journalism for the masses? It could be. But good journalism needs a good editor, and I'm not about to employ one to critique, censor and distort my personal stream of conscientious. Is it a self indulgent foray into the written word to show how clever we all are? It can be any or all of these things methinks (and more of course) - that's why I've decided to start one. You see, I'm a chameleon of sorts. My interests are many, my knowledge is spread (very) thin and wide across the whole spectrum of modern society from sports to literature, from pubs to politics, from pop music to economics, from computer games to comedy, from blah blah blah to so and so; you get the idea.

For what seems like many years I've trawled the net (no pun intended) for websites devoted to each of these interests and (others too) but find that their narrow scope affords me little room for general discussion. Often everyone is typing so hard and so frequently that they never read what others have to say and usually resort to name calling. Name calling is another of my interests by the way. One thing I do enjoy that can (sometimes) keep my wandering mind on a single path, is writing. It's very personal but I'm ready to share, so I've started this blog to dip into my varying interests and give the world my lofty opinion of all and sunder that I survey.

What's on my mind at the moment? Blogging. I'll do a little research and get back to you, whoever and wherever you may be.