Thursday, 9 December 2010

9 days later.....

It's been 9 days since I took the plunge. In many ways it reminds me of when I first started at my old job, it's a pokey little office near some local shops, the building is shared and the turnover is not into 6 figures. In other ways it is very different.

I'm finally at the 'business end' of proceedings, not reacting to events with admin work but sculping, shaping and changing things with graft. I'm working longer days, wtith less breaks and I'm happy. So far I've been to a weekly network meet, secured a month's turnover in work and finally got the green light on a substantial start-up loan for the new renewables company of which I am a director.

All in all it really feels like the difference I make will be reflected in my reward, not just finanacially but, more importantly for me, it will allow me to build a name and reputation of my own. After so many years of just bumbling along, I am determined to be 'someone', and I think this is my chance.

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