Monday, 27 December 2010

Christmas is over, Happy Warring

Today is Christmas day, only it isn't - but we need a national holiday for Saturday's festivities so this is it. Tomorrow as it goes, is boxing day, only it isn't - that was yesterday - but either way it is time for me to go back to work.

Last week's whiteout never really happened, we ended up cobbling together a week of work for our workforce and sadly achieved little else, save for being taken out by the bank and getting rather sozzled. So lots to catch up on.

The infopath documents are coming on but are unfinished. I'm working on delegating responsibility to the electrical installers so that more time can be dedicated to winning work and expanding the company. A marketing plan needs to be written for the electrical and renewable companies but I need more financial information to start understanding the parameters in which I can operate. January is a time for things to move on, as the snow melts away we must emerge from the frozen cocoon we find ourselves in.

This won't come without fights, internally and externally, with both current and new contacts up and down the supply chain. You get nowhere and nothing without fighting for it - but it is my fight and I am determined to win, whilst being careful to pick my battles.

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